BMW M2 CSL… Wait, what?

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BMW M2 CSL… Wait, what?

Date added: 08/12/2015

BMW M2 CSL Diffsonline limited-slip differentialBMW M2 CSL… Wait, what?

Shouldn't the hotly-anticipated BMW M2 arrive in showrooms before everyone starts fantasizing about a potential lightweight CSL version? You'd think so, but that hasn't stopped the internet from jumping on the fast track to Rumorville.

Although the options list seems to have been released, the full performance specifications for the standard M2 aren't available yet. However, with the F80 M3's output of 425 hp/406 lb-ft and the the M235i's output of 320 hp/330 lb-ft of torque, it's safe to guess that the M2 will likely have somewhere near 370 hp with similar torque numbers. Based on weight comparisons between the 435i versus M4, it's likely that the M2 will weigh slightly less than the M235i, so a curb weight in the vicinity of 3,400 pounds is somewhat likely - based on complete conjecture, of course.

What does all of this mean for the rumored M2 CSL? Who knows! While internet rumors are fun to follow, the fact of the matter is that BMW won't likely do anything until they see some sales numbers, and that's if they do anything at all. The M2 itself should be a modern day version of the E46 M3 - with more everything, but hopefully less (or at least equal) weight. With the popularity and instant-legend status of the E46 M3 CSL, a lightweight and extreme version of the M2 could very likely creep in around 3,100 pounds. With no change to the power output, a 200-300 pound weight reduction alone would make it a potentially incredible track weapon, but throw even a light retuning in, and the M2 CSL could possibly be a new legend in the making.

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