BMW Differentials

E39 Powerflex Rear Differential Bushing Track Version


Powerflex urethane differential mount bushings for the E39 reduce unwanted and excessive rear axle movement, especially during hard driving and abrupt on/off throttle. Stock rubber bushings become too soft and pliable over time, which leads to excess differential movement in the subframe, which can impact the rest of the rear suspension. Stiffer urethane diff bushings will help reduce play and "wind-up" in the diff mounts and provide crisper torque transfer.

Replaces OE part #33171093008 in the rear subframe

.**NOTE: These mounts are stiffer than the stock rubber and will increase noise in the cabin of the vehicle.

Installation Instructions


  • 525
  • 528
  • 530
  • 540
  • M5

E24, E28, E30, and Z3

  • 318
  • 325
  • 328
  • M3
  • Z3 4cyl
  • Z3 2.3L
  • Z3 2.5L
  • Z3 2.8L