I wasn't originally going to do a new differential in my car just yet, but I'm really glad I did! A sneak peak into my diff before it was built, and the internals were beautifully polished. Comparing a stock, unpolished diff to a DiffsOnline polished diff, the difference in effort required to spin the input flange was incredible. The polished internals made everything so much smoother and easier to move. And after it was installed...the only word to describe it is "wow." The 3.46 ratio is a wonderful complement to my cammed M3, and seems to be the perfect ratio for this application. I'm still on snow tires, so it's hard to judge the increased traction of the 40% lockup, but it seems to be greatly improved and more predictable than stock. I pulled the ASC out long ago, but it seems even easier to drive in slick conditions now.
Hey Dan, Just installed the 3.46 Yesterday and I gotta say, I LOVE IT! It feels great to use the horsepower my car has much more effectively! I love having the limited-slip too, it's awesome. This mod totally changes the whole attitude of the car...much more aggressive now! Thanks again for the great build Dan, I'm enjoying every minute!
I recently decided to upgrade my 1990 e30 325i with a Diffsonline 4.10 lsd. I went with a 50% 3 plate clutch set up, because it was a great compromise between street and track for my needs. All I can say is wow! The bottom end is amazing, it feels like no matter where I am on the tach, I have acceleration. While I lose a little top end, I find it's worth it for the amount of low end power. The car feels better than ever and I couldn't be happier!
I got a 3.38 dropped in about a month ago and it didn't do as much as I hoped for. I can tell the revs are up but only by a little bit. I feel the LSD way more than the gears. I was quite surprised how much a lsd could do to the way a car behaves. In the future I'd go for a 3.46
I'm loving that 3.23 lsd you put in my car yesterday. The acceleration improvement is mild but definitely noticeable, about what I expected, but I'm amazed at how much I can feel the better traction, even just on the street at about 2/3rds the Limit. Of course it snowed a little this morning, so I got to fool a bit with that too.
Chris from Melbourne Australia here. I installed the Differential that I purchased from you today, and I must say that I am extremely happy with your service, professionalism and quality product that you offered at a very affordable price (i might add). Delivery was incredibly easy, even more easier than purchasing a product from Ebay. I have spoken many good things to many people about your excellent service, and have recommended you to many friends, colleagues, and even businesses about your service. Hope all goes well for the future. =)

Many Thanks.
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