Diffsonline's products are utilized in motorsports at all levels, from HPDEs (High-Performance Driving Events) to entry-level amateur racing to full-on professional race teams. In order for our products to be the absolute best on the market, the products are tested everything in the most rigorous fashions. Our BMW differentials are proven week after week under some of the harshest conditions any car will ever see. Take a look below to see how our products are utilized in our customer's vehicles.

High-Performance Driving Events


Professional Racing

Diffsonline's products are heavily involved at the professional level of racing. We supply BMW differentials for teams where the ultimate in performance and reliability is a must. Our differentials can be found under cars in most every major professional GT and Touring Car series in the United States.

Club Racing

Most top-level club racers around the country run custom differentials, set up specifically to their needs, to help them stay ahead of the competition in many sanctioning bodies, including BMWCCA, SCCA, and NASA.