Rebuilt 210mm limited slip 3 clutch with custom ramps (E92M3, E46M3, E6XM6, E6XM5) (output flanges required, not included)

diffsonline SKU: 210zfcustom


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All differentials are built to order and we are currently running 3-4 weeks out from order date to ship date.

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Parts will likely ship on the next business day.

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Please check with us for lead times on transmissions.

We start with a factory limited slip carrier, wash it, measure everything and reassemble with 3 fresh clutches, modify the factory 45/45 ramping to 35/60 or 30/90 ramps and new hardware to a higher preload than stock. Please specify the ratio you intend to use this carrier for so we can ensure you get the correct size bolt holes. When installing in a differential that was originally equipped with the M Variable carrier from the factory, different output flanges are needed. This is the limited slip only and not the complete differential. Professional installation recommended.