BMW Differentials

Rebuild Kit for E24/28/34/39 M5/6 Differential


All new bearings, seals, clutch discs, dog eared plates and necessary bolts for a full refresh on your E24 M6 differential.

***NOTE: Due to variances in the manufacturing of bearings, you may need to use different shims for the pinion and carrier bearing caps as the tolerances are not always exact. Professional installation by a shop experienced in rebuilding differentials is strongly recommended.***

Kit Contents

Both Pinion Bearings and Races

Pinion Seal

2 Carrier Bearings and Races

2 Carrier Bearing Seals

Pinion Nut and Lock Ring

Crush Washer

Limited Slip Parts

2 New Clutch Discs

2 New Dog Eared Plates

8 Cap Bolts

E24, E28, E30, and Z3

  • M5
  • M6