BMW Differentials

Wavetrac for 135/335 DCT/Diesel


Wavetrac's helical limited slip carrier. This is the limited slip only and not the complete differential. Professional installation recommended.

The beauty of the Wavetrac is that it is ideally suited to high performance road cars that see track use. It is very strong, yet transparent to both driver and traction control electronics during regular driving. On the track or in spirited road use, it provides two wheel drive without the handling issues that traditional clutch type diffs create (there is no tendency to push/understeer with a Wavetrac).
The Wavetrac outperforms other gear type diffs because unlike them, it won't lose drive when one axle is unloaded (which happens more often than you'd think).
Lastly, one of the most underrated benefits of the Wavetrac is its smooth delivery of power near the limit. It's patented design makes for a very predictable, smooth addition of power when you need it most - when things are at their limits: on the edge of traction mid corner and you're using throttle to keep it there; or coming into a corner a little hot, but quickly back on it to maintain exit speed...
These situations are often subjective to the driver, but the benefit can be felt. The Wavetrac makes you faster because it lets you drive with confidence.


  • 3.5 Turbo


  • 135 7 Speed DCT


  • 335 DCT
  • 335 Diesel