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ZF 5-Speed Race Prepared Transmission for E36 M3 328, E46 328 330, Z3, Z4

Core must match the transmission ordered

This starts life as a stock ZF transmission 5-speed. It is completely rebuilt to stock specs to make shifting smoother and faster. This transmission can be shifted as fast as a sequential box by an experienced driver!

While the internals are out, all non-friction mesh and bearing surfaces are cleaned through REMĀ® polishing. This isotropic polishing process leaves gears and bearing surfaces mirror smooth, which reduces friction (heat and driveline power loss).

In our cars, we saw a 2-3% reduction in driveline losses on a chassis dyno with this part alone (this equates to 6-10 Hp on an average M3 Prepared class engine!) - plus more time spent accelerating due to faster shifts.

This unit is stock on a E36 M3 and 328, E46 328 and 330, and some others. Can be retrofitted to most race applications. Call with further questions or specifications. Price does not include $800 core charge for an acceptable piece (no junk please!). Customer responsible for return core shipping.

We recommend using Redline ATFD4 fluid.

Please verify vehicle in order notes.


  • 2.8
  • 3.0


  • 328
  • 330


  • 328
  • M3

E24, E28, E30, and Z3

  • Z3 2.8L
  • Z3 3.0L
  • Z3 M 3.2L